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Chicken Squad

Very few chickens actually solve mysteries. That includes these chickens.

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Lulu’s Mysterious Mission

Enemies come in many forms. Though when your a kid, that form is usually the babysitter.

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Count The Monkeys

A counting book by Mac Barnett. Can you count all the monkeys? You can’t? Can you hold out your arms and touch your fingers to your nose for me?

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Six-Penny Anthems II

Over 200 pages of sketches, comics, art, writing, and doodles, culled from over five sketchbooks and my previous site! It is the ultimate Kevin Cornell compendium.

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Duncan was an amazingly handsome king, a fact he was unfortunately aware of. Both kids and adults can enjoy this hilarious tale by Mac Barnett.

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Birthday Street, Vol. 1

A collection of the first 100 Birthday Street comics, as well as 30 pages of hilarious extras!

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Six-Penny Anthems I

It’s a hundred-page orgy of one-panel comics, Roman-style! Without the Vomitorium! Though some may be SOOOO good, you vomit from laughter! Well… let’s hope it’s from laughter.

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Curriculum Vitae

The second Mojo The Sockmonkey book, in which our hero tries and fails at every job imaginable. He really, just, sucks it hard.

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The Story of Eh

It’s Mojo the Sock Monkey in his first narrative tale! Follow him through the crushing desperation of joblessness, to the laugh-a-minute fun of unemployment.

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Ambidextrous, Collection I

Contains completely inaccurate depictions of nature, gross violations of physics, and inappropriate use of the cursing spear.

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Ambidextrous, Collection II

In this second installment of Ambidextrous, we explore the miracle of floating, solve the mystery of empty tissue boxes, and refresh our knowledge of proper flood precautions.

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The Superest

A great addition for fans of the website, The Superest book includes all new heroes in an all new battle!

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The Trouble With Chickens

There’s trouble afoot for JJ, the former search-and-rescue dog. Danger doesn’t play dead.

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The Legend of Diamond Lil

A new mystery is afoot for JJ the Detective Dog. Will he survive? Probably.

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