Little Fucker and Sean Powers duel.

Birthday Street 377Glove in the Time of Cholera


— Shoulda’ bought that weird rowboat instead.


— Pretty happy about the pipe-smoker in this crowd scene.


— Mojo’s new hobby


— Kim confronts the Cloud King.


— It’s a swan! Maybe!

A List Apart 377

A List Apart 377: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Designing for Services Beyond the Screen and Don’t Poke the Bear: Creating Content for Sensitive Situations now!

Little Fucker suffering eye trauma.

Birthday Street 375I Only Have Eyes For Ewe


— I have befouled a wall.


— Beach Bullying has diversified.


— This guy appears to regret getting on this ride.

A sandwich from space!

Birthday Street 373Strand and Deliver


— Mojo job #225 – bartender

A police chief makes a tough call.

Birthday Street 371Pinch Hit

Count The Monkeys

Count The Monkeys

— I’ve uploaded a new project to my portfolio — a children’s book I recently finished entitled Count The Monkeys. Check out the portfolio entry to get a look at the finished product, as well as some of my rough layouts and concept art. Or, if you’re the sort of person who hates looking at my projects, I suppose I can find something else to entertain you. Hmmm… lemme see… OH! Here’s an article on an exotic delicacy called “Chocolate Milk“.


— Current status:


— It’s all relative.

It's time for science, with Professor Lance Gallant!

Birthday Street 369Time For Science


— Folk creatures you never hear about. For some reason.


— I see a bulldog in this wallpaper.

Lambert Templeton meets the mayor and a leprechaun all in the same day!

Birthday Street 367Lepreconned


— You should get your hot dog one of these!

Some concept art from an upcoming children's book.

Shark and Octopus

— What with the Undersea Horrors I’ve been drawing this week, I figured I’d balance it out with some undersea non-horrors. This is a bit of concept art from a kid’s book I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. What’s it about you ask? Why, a shark and an octopus! How does it end? Well, I’m not really comfortable spoiling the ending, bub. What’s my middle name? I’m… not sure I see how that’s a relevant question. When was my first sexual experience? Okay, that question is out of line, jerkwad! I warned you about boundaries! This interview is over!


— Drawing undersea horrors.

A List Apart Issue 375

A List Apart 375: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out The Design of Code: Organizing JavaScript and Writing Testable JavaScript now!

Clem and Lem try their hand at bodysnatching.

Birthday Street 365The Gravest of Robbings


— Protect your children!

Drawing of a melty house.

Book 28, Page 95

— I recently closed out my twenty-eighth sketchbook (meaning I stopped drawing in it). But before placing it in the ol’ barbecue pit, I figured I’d post a page out of it. I decided on this melty house because all the other drawings were of dragons riding unicycles while juggling naked women holding baseball cards with a dirty word in them. SO freaking boring.

Lee Roy Finkle - Karate Master

Birthday Street 363Wrong The Rights


— The Tyrannosaurus Rex was actually one of the more gentle dinosaurs. Unless you forgot its birthday.

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Today’s my lucky day! Just found $20 in a wallet just sitting in some guy’s back pocket!!!

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Birthday Street 361Happy Deathday


— My desk is looking very illustrator-ish right now. All it needs is several ‘payment due’ notices.


— Roger makes a PB&J with a jelly he’s never had before!

Sandra The Speed Dating Woman Gets Her Wish. Sort of.

Birthday Street 359Short End Of The Wish

A List Apart 374

A List Apart 374: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Even Better In-Browser Mockups with Node.js and Node at Work: A Walkthrough now!


— Making a totem pole? Here’s a tip!

Lambert Templeton returns a cat.

Birthday Street 357Cat Back In The Bag


— I’m thinking of opening a zoo that’s just dogs dressed as other animals. Looking for backers.