— The solution better not be smiling. I hate that crap.

Another episode of Birthday Street

Birthday Street 403Bird Spotting


— Wookies are destroying the intergalactic economy.


— This is my favorite kind of monster – surly. (For a view of the full image, check in out in the portfolio!)

Crispin Carruthers dates a witch.

Birthday Street 401Single Witch Seeks Man

Interview With A Hunchback

Birthday Street 399Interview With A Hunchback

A List Apart 384

A List Apart 384: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Flat UI and Forms and Mastering Digital Project Momentum now!

Little Fucker and Sean Powers go trick or treating.

Birthday Street 397Trick or Treat or Tricking


— Mojo rents an affordable apartment.

The Greatest Guitarist The World Has Ever Seen.

Birthday Street 395Crossroads

Even the KKK's marketing techniques are assholey.

Birthday Street 393Fish In A Barrel


— …

A List Apart 383

A List Apart 383: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Sustainable Web Design and The Web Runs on Electricity and We’re Running Out now!

Charlie Bear gets kicked out of his neighborhood.

Birthday Street 391Neighborhood Disassociation


— The number of bags you carry at once is important.


— See? Never go to school, kids.


— To his credit, his breathing was pretty excellent the whole time.


— Cook.


— He’s not aware it’s something you eat.

A List Apart issue 381

A List Apart 381: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Seeing the Elephant: Defragmenting User Research and Connected UX now!

Sidney Shepherd consoles Marjory Van Poupon.

Birthday Street 389Fresh Meat


— Mojo rides a unicycle.


— Don’t read this one, Dad.

Little Fucker heads off to school.

Birthday Street 387Lunch Fail


— I’ve made operating instructions for Ernie.

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I’d say the most difficult part of accepting who you are is accepting who you are NOT.

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— Practicing wingtips.

A List Apart 380

A List Apart 380: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Getting to Flow and Defining a Vision: Making Sure Your Work Matters now!

Batman calls in sick.

Birthday Street 385Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Jerk Wad


— I hate drawing vehicles, so I only concentrated on the interesting parts.

Jeremy Parker does caricatures at the park when not playing xbox.

Birthday Street 383I Don’t Caricature


— Neat! #hulahooptrick


— How to make ANY drawing hilarious: #hulahooptrick


— A page of party monsters (a group effort).

Tom Baxter fantasizes while stuck in traffic.

Birthday Street 381Traffic Fam


— This turtle was not born in an American hospital.


— “Wow… It’s hotter than I thought it would be today! Guess I’ll just leave my coat here on the ground!”

A List Apart 379

A List Apart 379: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Following Through with Post-Launch Strategy and Client Relationships and the Multi-Device Web now!

Janie Twinn is the best pageant mom ever.

Birthday Street 379Little Miss Pageant Mom


— Making some title type…