— I’d like to design golfing courses. For golfing balls and such.

The people of Birthday Street punish a witch. Sorta.

Birthday Street 431Rain of Terror

A List Apart 392

A List Apart 392: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Content-out Layout and People Skills for Web Workers now!


— So excited for how this book turned out – “Lulu’s Mysterious Mission”.


— Scene from a project that is, unfortunately, probably dead in the water.

A man must compose symphonies!

Birthday Street 429Muse


— They’re into kinky shit… like “Bundt Pan Weekly”.


— I like this fella. I could easily see him selling meat pies with questionable meat.

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Just took a bath. I’m a tub guy now.

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A List Apart 391

A List Apart 391: A new illustrations for A List Apart is live! Check out The Battle for the Body Field now!

The World's Worst Hammed Burger enters a sumo contest.

Birthday Street 427The Sumoburger

Sean and Misty Powers tell their story to Azol

Birthday Street 425Today On Azol


— Poor Charlie Bear…

A List Apart 390

A List Apart 390: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out UI Animation and UX: A Not-So-Secret Friendship and Web Animation at Work now!

This is the happiest Charlie Bear will ever be.

Birthday Street 423Doctor’s Oriface


— Another ferocious wolf of wereing.

Design Vigilantism at its worst.

Birthday Street 421End Is Upon Us


— The moment post-transformation where a werewolf is still a bit woozy.


— One of those classy British werewolves that go to libraries and use handkerchiefs.

Rogue Sub, Part... a lot.

Birthday Street 419Rogue Sub, Part 11

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Lions are the coolest big cats. Look at ‘em… lazing about… they don’t give a shit about anything! They should be smoking cigarettes!

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— This guy would have made an excellent speakeasy bouncer.


— Evolution of a Grumpy Squirrel

A List Apart 388

A List Apart 388: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out A List Together and Writing Is Thinking now!

Headline! Scientist discovered in belly of Russian Monster!

Birthday Street 417Rogue Sub, Part 9


— Practicing my monsters.

Christmas at the November Household

Birthday Street 415A November Christmas


— Judy’s color blindness proved to be an unfortunate handicap.

A List Apart 387

A List Apart 387: A new illustration for A List Apart is live! Check out A Moment to Breathe now!


— If Christmas were Halloween…

Action Guy suits up.

Birthday Street 413Rogue Sub, Part VII


— The rare and incredibly-easy-to-detect jack-a-rein.

A List Apart 386

A List Apart 386: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Surveying the Big Screen and Designing Offline-First Web Apps now!

Action Guy crosses swords!

Birthday Street 411Rogue Sub, Part 5


— Thanksgiving justice!

Lambert Templeton makes a new friend.

Birthday Street 409Rogue Sub, Part 3

Trouble in the North Atlantic!

Birthday Street 407Rogue Sub, Part 1


— The furniture must sliding all over the place in here.

Beach Ranger Ferd suffers eye trauma.

Birthday Street 405Go Fish


— Pretty happy with this character. I picture him being very rich, and very syphilitic.