— The carnival star and her admirer:


— Testing expressions:


— Gardening is hard:


— Portrait of mansion with guard weiner.


— Delicious Mr. Donut.


— Confidence: the double-edged sword.


— Don’t get the wrong impression. The social cause he’s fighting for is homeless WAFFLES.


— This bed sheet has a thread count of like… 50.

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Supposedly America has no royalty. But SOMEONE out there thinks they’re too good to pick up dog poop, so…

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— Beach Ranger Ferd on an undersea adventure.


— More color!


— Day 3 of fall cleaning. A cow from “Terrible Two”.


— Day two of map drawer clean-out.


— And again.


— Dry cake.


— More.


— Cleaning out my map drawers. Lots of stuff.


— Remodeling the ceiling in a drawing. It’s pretty much the only way I could ever do carpentry.


— That better not be in the bathroom with the marble tile!!!

Farewell, A List Apart


— Today marks my last issue with A List Apart.

Illustration can be a solitary endeavor, and my particular method of crafting demands a lot more isolation than I’d prefer. But A List Apart has always helped me feel a lot less alone, yesterday more than ever.

It has been my absolute pleasure and honor to work on this magazine for the past nine years. Jeffrey gave me a place to dream, to run without fear. There is no question in my mind that I could not have succeeded as an illustrator without it.

I have had the opportunity to work with some of the smartest and most talented people I’ve ever met in my life. The chance to help tell their stories, and voice their passion. To serve an amazing and rare community that prefers to build rather than tear down.

To those of you who read, who have contributed, and especially to those who make A List Apart, I bid thanks and a fond farewell. Words cannot express how you’ve made me feel.

Luckily, this can:


— From an upcoming book called “The Terrible Two”, by @macbarnett and @joryjohn.


— Apparently “yippee ki yay” means to chirp like a young bird.


— Mojo and the Cottage Cheese – a play in two acts.


— The glove compartment is full of milkbones.


— Today I met a very interesting crazy person.


— This is… semi-autobiographical.


— This is true.

Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure

Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure

— Good news! I’ve got another book coming out. A mystery! You like mysteries, right? You do?!!!! Hmmm… perhaps I will give you clues about the book, and you can figure out what it is yourself, like a real life detective! Wait… unless you already clicked on that link. Did you already do that? So, you totally just… skipped to the end of the mystery. Nice. Way to kill something that could have been really fun. Ugh. You’re the worst.


— Happy with this gesture. No, not THAT gesture. You’re gross.

Take Me To Your Leader

Birthday Street 435Take Me To Your Leader


— Take that, other kids.

A List Apart 395

A List Apart 395: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out Accessibility: The Missing Ingredient and Can Email Be Responsive? now!

A List Apart 394

A List Apart 394: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out CSS Shapes 101 and DRY-ing Out Your Sass Mixins now!


— Opera folk.

Drawing by Kevin Cornell from Lulu's Mysterious Mission.

Lulu’s Mysterious Mission

— Please gather round for a quick announcement! Closer. Closer. That’s it, tuck in there. Lots more room in the front here… don’t be shy. Yes, I’m talking to you, ma’am. What’s your name? Henrietta? Really? That’s an unusual name. You don’t see a lot of “Henriettas” anymore. No… it’s great, it’s a good name. I was hoping your name might be Lulu, though. It would have been an excellent segue to my announcement. Well, because the book is called Lulu’s Mysterious Mission. Oh, yeah… I’ve got a portfolio entry with concept art and everything. Dammit — if your name was Lulu that would have been perfect. Well… I mean… that WAS the announcement… no point in using the megaphone now. Okay, everyone back to work or whatever.

Frank Swanson and Quincy Rasp attend the 2014 Buckle Expo!

Birthday Street 433Buckle Expo 2014

A List Apart 393

A List Apart 393: Two new illustrations for A List Apart are live! Check out The Z-Axis: Designing for the Future and Creating Style Guides now!

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I’ve found the key to staying upbeat is to make long to-do lists filled with incredibly easy tasks! *write vapid tweet*.

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