— Practice Gator


— This shouldn’t amuse me. And yet…


— Yay. Fire in our building. Yay.

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I’m not much of a “car guy”. But I haven’t stopped talking about the new Passats since that one crashed into our house!

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— Testing new tubes of gouache.

Featuring Sean Powers and The Easter Bunny.

Birthday Street 213Easter Monday


— This is the snail Kim ate. Ew.

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Some people don’t resort to toilet humor. Those people are called “winners”. Poop.

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Money doesn’t change people. People change people. But the money DOES help convince them to assist you with your adult diapers.

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— Just so you know…


— Horses have very unreliable heads.

Featuring Merritt J. Merritt and Wizardry Von Spellsmark!

Birthday Street 210Wingmen


— Batman should not have cut Alfred’s medical benefits…


— Two zebras (they’re wearing sweaters)


— Batman sometimes drinks too much…


— Holy crap!! And THIS is how I have to find out!?


— Batman in the kitchen:

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Thanks to Netflix instant, I’ve fallen asleep to some of the most interesting documentaries I have ever sort of seen.

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Featuring... several lobsters!

Birthday Street 207(Regrets Only)


— Dangers of the Jungle, part 2


— Snakes on a plane

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To experience what life was like for folks in the 40′s, I wore a zoot suit today. People sure called you a douchebag a lot back then!

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— The book next to @robweychert is “Stop The Insanity”. He SAYS it’s not his, but…

Featuring Little Fucker and some beans!

Birthday Street 204Magic Beans


— Dangers of the Jungle, part 1:


— Notice the St. Patrick’s Day revealer peeing in our bushes.

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Improve your ad click-thru rate by using this one ridiculously easy trick: Use the term “ridiculously easy trick”.

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— @mSutters emerging from his own butt to high-five himself.


— Yikes. That’s one creepy chimp.


— This is a videogame joke, Kim.

Featuring a street performer!

Birthday Street 201The Flouted Flautist


— My dog needs a friend.


— Must be that zoo in the Ozarks.

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Now, I walk into a bar at 3pm, I feel comfortable. “It’s okay,” they think, “you don’t have to impress us. We’ve all failed today too!”

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I hate cafes. I feel like I’m being judged. “Oh, what do you contribute to society that justifies you using the ONLY sofa here, newbie?”

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— Kim made a squirrel out of felt. It is awesome.


— Guy who probably says “Why, I oughtta…” a lot…

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I’ve decided to get breast implants. Six of them. So I can have CRAZY abs.

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Featuring Frank Swanson and eleven other people!

Birthday Street 198Jury Duty


— @jilldelafuente’s and my ill-conceived rendition of giant Brazilian statuary.