— Sometimes, when you lose your keys, some places aren’t worth checking.


— Every year, my Santa gets rounder. And he appears to be concerned about it.

Featuring Sandra The Speed Dating Woman, Shirley Fusk, and Crispin Carruthers

Birthday Street 316The Gift of Foresight


— Try some charity!

Featuring Crispin Carruthers, some kids, and some publishing nerd.

Birthday Street 313Write What You Know

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The advent of the smartphone vastly improved my life, in that it’s a lot easier for me to draw a phone now.

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— The World’s Most Handsome Octopus:

Featuring Frank Swanson and The Easter Bunny.

Birthday Street 310Guardian Asshole


— On hold with the water department for a half hour. So, I drew a treehouse.

Featuring Little Fucker, Sean Powers, and Carnegie Lollybottom.

Birthday Street 307Lollybottom


— Thanksgiving activities:

Featuring The Dark Wizard Azol and General Marm the Interdimensional Horror.

Birthday Street 304Deliver Us From Evil

Featuring Lambert Templeton and Doctor Surgeon.

Birthday Street 301American Ingenuity


— First rule of looking tough: bigger hats.

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I decided not to vote, so hopefully “The Dad From Frasier” does not lose by 1 vote or I’ll feel like such an ass!!!

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— The Tickle Monster:

Featuring Charlie Bear and a whole hell of a lot of other people.

Birthday Street 298Forbidden Fruit


— Happy Halloween.

With guest writer Rob Weychert! Featuring a dad and his gay son!

Birthday Street 295Screen Savor

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It’s surprising how frequently I need to break out more traditional drawing tools… pencils, ink, a belt of scotch, etc.

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— Perhaps the creepiest portrait I’ve ever made.

Featuring Professor Lance Gallant and a pawn shop owner!

Birthday Street 292Pawn But Not Forgotten


— My telekinesis is improving!


— One of my hobbies is finding new and interesting ways to insult @robweychert.

Featuring several satirized members of Sesame Street. Hey! We're BIRTHDAY Street!

Birthday Street 289Oscar Worthy


— Over 2000 years old and still as flexible as ever:

Featuring Crispin Carruthers and Melanie Carlisle.

Birthday Street 286XBQ


— I done drawn a house.

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I’ve invented Google Minus, a social app where you systematically cut your ties to everyone in the world

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Tomato pie feels like your going to have pizza except you don’t get pizza. It’s a trick. Just a mean trick.

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