Kevin Cornell, as depicted in watercolor by Kevin Cornell, who conveniently seems to have made his face longer, and his hairline less receding. So vain.

The Author, looking pretentious. Oh! And it’s a self-portrait! Also pretentious! What a dick he must be!

About this site — Bearskinrug is the personal and professional site of illustrator Kevin Cornell. When he makes a new comic or illustration, it appears in his stream. When something newsworthy happens to him, or when he writes a tweet, it also appears in his stream. When he finishes a new project or children’s book, it appears in work. And when he makes something worth buying, it appears in his store. If you’d like to follow him on twitter, he can be found here. To see anything else he does, you’ll have to do a search on YouTube for “Man discovers he is allergic to blueberries, loses pie-eating contest the worst way possible.”

Mr. Cornell is currently accepting requests for freelance work (sorry – booked up for a while, kids). However, be forewarned, seeing as he’s a unmitigated unitasker, he doesn’t take on a lot at once. Please don’t hold it against him.

Also, please don’t hold it against him if it takes him a long time to respond.

Also, also, please don’t hold it against him if he throws up on you during any sort of pastry-eating competition. Rest assured it wasn’t on purpose. And I’m sure if you’d just answer his phone calls and listen to what he has to say, everything can go back the way it was. Please, baby, he misses you so much. I… err… HE got rid of all the blueberries, and the strawberries. Pretty much any fruit in the house, just to be safe.

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